Vacation Tips for The Disabled
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Vacation Tips for The Disabled

The disabled are often left out when if comes to vacations. Not only do they have difficulties in finding suitable accomodations, they have difficulty in particpating in and finding affordable activities. With some planning, there are mulitple vacations, cruises, and destination spots which accomodate those who are disabled.

The economy affects all of us. Many families and individuals have to carefully plan their vacation, which we all need, so that it will fit their budget. There is another group of individuals who need that vacation, or getaway time, that have additional planning to do. The disabled not only have to consider their budget, but they need to spend extra time in finding fun destinations, as well as accommodations which will provide them the special amenities that they may need. Often, most of us have a mode of travel which will get us to the assigned location so that we may board our cruise ship. Again, this is another time consuming task for the disabled who are planning a vacation. Some disabilities are mild and do not require anything out of the ordinary. However, there are those who are bound to wheelchairs, which may face great difficulty in being able to enjoy what most of us take for granted and that is a wonderful vacation.

Vacation Destination Ideas

Myrtle Beach certainly puts out the welcome match for their disabled guests. Beaches offer special chairs with balloon tires which allow easy maneuvering through the beach sand. Hotels offer rooms with roll in showers and baths that are equipped with grab bars. The rooms are designed to be accessible, complete with other amenities such are telephones and refrigerators. The Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce can provide information for the disabled vacationer to plan ahead and find lodging that will suite their needs.

Disney is another vacation destination that has taken into account for those with disablement. Visitors have access to scooters which are provided. The main issue for wheelchairs and scooters is when attending the various performances such as performing whales, dolphins etc. It is advised to obtain assistance in finding a location where the excessive splashing will not harm your wheelchair or scooter.


Holland America, Cruise One are proactive in the design of the new ships, taking all of the needs of the disabled in mind. They have considered those who have hearing, sight, and various mobility issues, including the need for more space to accommodate wheelchairs. Their spokespeople make the claim that they are continuously seeking ways to make it easier for their disabled guests to enjoy their cruise, without difficulty. Although many cruise lines have faced lawsuits in order to force them to comply with ADA, Holland America and Cruise One are not on among those who have been sued. Of course, there are those who have special medical needs and require special equipment in the event of an emergency. With the correct information, vactioners can investigate various cruise lines in order to find those who can accommodate them. Vacationing by cruise lines, also eliminates the extra cost of hotel suites.


Travel by train is another mode for vacationers which accommodate wheelchairs. Italy and Alaska have various tour trains making it easier for those in wheelchairs to enjoy their visit. Hotels have also gone to great lengths to provide easy access for their disabled guests.

Special Deals

Often, the disabled are living on a limited income. However, there are travel agents who specialize in vacations for the disabled, who can also obtain vacation deals for you. Another group of disabled,which needs special attention is our military veterans. There are those who specialize in not only assisting with vacations for the disabled, but they also obtain special deals for our vets.

With careful planning, even those who are disabled can find vacations that they can afford. Remember, there are plenty of activities, sights, and tours which are free or at a very low cost to vacationers. Although it may take a bit more time and effort, a wheelchair, or disability should not keep anyone from enjoying time away from home, a vacation.

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Comments (7)

Brilliant article, Linda

Ranked #23 in Travel Advice

Thank you Martin, I wish editors appreciated my articles. They rejected this one initially because I had informational links iin the reference section. One was for Military Vets so they could get help with vacation planning, special discounts, etc.

thoughtful of you to write for the disabled. they need vacations too!

Ranked #23 in Travel Advice

Actually, there are several groups on Facebook that I try to get help for, and write articles for. Another reason for doing this type of article is that Michael, my fiance, was misdiagnosed in 97, and died in 2010. He was left paralyzed and on life support. I took care of him at home. There was a lot that I could not do for him, but I can enlighten others now. It is funny how the normal world looks at the disabled, and takes something as simple as brushing their teeth for granted. I will be doing more articles like this one, that is focused on the disabled and diseases that affect children,, thorought the Internet.

Great article. Thank you :)

Good and helpful tips.

An excellent article on provisions for those with disabilites. A soon to be family member of mine is wheelchair bound and finding places to stay and even places to visit/eat out at are very restricted. A realy well researched and well written article, Linda :D