Useful Travel Planning Sites: Visas, Transport, Vaccines, Electrical Outlets, Language and Currency Conversion
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Useful Travel Planning Sites: Visas, Transport, Vaccines, Electrical Outlets, Language and Currency Conversion

electric outlets travel visa information vaccine information

Here are some useful travel sites to use when planning your next trip. It is always those little details that can leave you going over and over lists of things-to-do before you leave and still having the feeling you have forgotten something.

Visa HQVisa HQ provides all the information you need to get your papers in order before a trip. The visa requirements of each country are displayed according to which passport you hold. Visa HQ covers even the most remote countries. Make sure you have entered which passport you hold and where you are traveling to. Visa HQ also offers services for a fee but the visa info is for free. They can apply for your visa for you and get it delivered to you for a fee.

To and From the AirportTo and from the airport tells you just that, their information is mostly correct although you should always check on another site as well. The site covers all forms of transport to and from hundreds of airports worldwide. The details are simple and concise, telling you where to take the bus/tram/taxi or train, schedule and prices.

Electrical outlets at your travel destinationAdaptelec is the one stop site for finding out what electrical connections or wattage is used at your travel destination. This site not only has an extensive list of countries but the detail used to describe each plug and outlet can be understood by even the most electrically illiterate among us. There are even photos showing you what the plugs and outlets look like. 

Currency ConversionYou can use this currency conversion site not only when working out the cost of your hotel and air ticket in your currency but also to calculate how much money things cost at your travel destination and how much money you will need to take with you. There are other currency conversion sites but I have found this one easy to navigate.

Vaccines and health adviceAlthough I personally don't normally check if vaccines are required when I travel there are some countries where you can't avoid having a vaccination. If you are traveling to an exotic destination it is advisable to check out whether vaccines are recommended for that country. NetDoctor lists each country and the vaccines which are recommended, required, sometimes recommended and not required. They also tell you how far in advance you need to have the vaccine before you travel. 


Although few people bother learning a foreign language before they travel if you are going for an extensive period you may want to pick up a few phrases. LiveMocha is a language l;earning site which offers courses both for free and at a fee. There are courses specifically for travel terms and Live Chat with native speakers so that you can practice. The free portion of the site offers more than enough for any traveler.

I can't end this article without mentioning the best source of online information for travel planning and that is Trip Advisor. You should use their forums extensively to get up to date information from locals and frequent travelers. You can also plan and print your own travel guide on Trip Advisor, hunt for hotels, tourist attractions and read travel articles.

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